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Parent and Family Resource Center

The Parent and Family Resource is centered around strengthening our school, our students, and our community. Parents and family members are and integral part of our school and we encourage your involvement at Riverside Drive! We will offer monthly Parent U Seminars in the Parent and Family Resource Center under the direction of one our staff members or Community Representatives. 
What is Parent U?

Parent U is an acronym for Parent University.


Parent Uā€™s are monthly seminars offered at Riverside Drive Charter School on various academic, socio-emotional, and behavioral topics and are designed to increase student engagement and the home to school connection. Each presenter is prepared to answer questions you may have and you will leave the seminar with practical materials to use at home with your child.


Additionally, we believe that every student is a champion and behind every champion is a hard-working parent or guardian striving to help their child reach their full potential. Our goal is to collaborate with each family to increase the home/school partnership through engaging topics to help students earn higher grades, enroll in higher level programs, adapt well to school, attend school regularly, have better social skills and behavior, and ultimately graduate college and career ready.