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Riverside Drive Charter School has been granted a charter from LAUSD that provides us with the freedom and some funding to implement new and innovative programs at our school. RDCS initially petitioned for Charter status in 2011, and we have to renew every 5 years. In spring 2016, we revised our Charter Petition and LAUSD renewed our charter status. The Charter Petition document outlines the approach to education and monitoring that RDCS will have over the next 5 years, and identifies new programs that will be rolled out during that time. 
Our charter status requires us to have a Governing Council that is responsible for overseeing decisions related to the spending of charter block grant funds and the roll-out of new programs. 
Governance Council Composition 2023-2024 School Year
There are 12 representatives on the Governance Council. In addition, there is one parent alternate, one teacher alternate, and one classified alternate. Elections are held in the spring of each year to fill vacant Governance Council positions. Representatives are elected to a two-year term by the respective constituencies. 
Parent Representatives
Danielle Spratt, Vice Chairperson/Secretary, Executive Committee
Zuleika Dise, Parent Representative
Joanne MacCornick, Parent Representative
Melissa Ziminski, Parent Representative
Adriane Caporusso, Parent Representative
Melinda Leon, Parent Representative
Jessica Bulkin, Parent Representative (Alternate)
Staff Representatives
Nicole Richardson, Principal, Executive Committee 
Kris Nevills, Council Chairperson, Executive Committee, Teacher Representative
Shelli Kachlon,  Teacher Representative
Elsie Bohorquez, Teacher Representative
Jenifer Roosevelt, Council Parliamentarian, Teacher Representative
Monica Farfan, Classified Representative
Mary Johnson, Teacher Representative (Alternate) 
Governance Council meetings are generally held every third Wednesday of the month at 3:15 pm on Zoom. Meetings are open to the public. Parents, guardians, and all members of the community are encouraged to attend. 


If you would like to be included on the agenda, please fill out a request form, provide a draft proposal and supporting materials and either drop-off completed submissions in the front office or email the principal or governance member.  All agenda items must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.  The Executive Committee will review your request and may provide feedback on your proposal. Draft Proposals and Supporting materials must accompany all submissions.  Upon receipt of materials, you’ll receive an emailed confirmation.  No incomplete submissions will be considered.  Any supporting materials received after submission will push the agenda item to the following month.


  • Arts
  • School-wide Positive Behavior and Attendance 
  • Community Wellness
  • Safety
  • Science & Technology

Our Charter Committees need more involvement from all stakeholders (teachers/staff, parents and anyone invested in RDCS’ continued success) to see the changes that are necessary to make us the best school in the Valley! If you’d like to add your voice to the conversation by participating on one of these committee(s), please contact the committee member.